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Today's Space Weather
Current conditions (under construction!)
Solar Wind
speed: 380.0 km/s
4.0 protons/cm3

Interplanetary Mag. Field                 Solar Activity - Kp Index
Btotal: 7.0 nT
5.3 nT north
VBz: 2mV/m
Esential links:
-NOAA Space Environment Center -- The official U.S. government bureau for real-time monitoring of solar and geophysical events, research in solar-terrestrial physics, and forecasting solar and geophysical disturbances. --  News and Information about the Sun-Earth environment.
-Real-time Solar Wind Data -- from NASA's ACE spacecraft.
-More Real-time Solar Wind Data -- from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Proton Monitor.
-Lists of Coronal Mass Ejections -- from 1998 to 2001

Solar Observatories:
-National Solar Observatory (NSO), Kitt Peak Latest and archive images of full disk Magnetograms and Helium 10830.
-National Solar Observatory, Sacramento Peak Current images of full disk Calcium K and H-alpha, including a real-time, full-disk H-alpha patrol image that updates every minute. Images and Current Data.
-Mt Wilson Solar Observatory Tower Recent magnetograms and other images.
-Mees Solar Observatory (MSO) University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy Coronal Images, Vector Magnetograms, H-alpha Active Region Images, Vector Magnetograms, Spectroheliograms and White Light Images.
-Big Bear Solar Observatory Features daily solar images taken in Calcium K, H-Alpha, White Light, and Magnetograms. Both high resolution and full disk images are available. Latest Images
-Big Bear Active Region Monitor These pages contain the most recent solar images from the Global H-alpha Network, together with continuum images and magnetograms from the Michelson Doppler Imager (MDI) and EUV images from the Extreme-ultraviolet Imaging Telescope(EIT) onboard the ESA/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).
-Big Bear Daily Solar Activity Reports The Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) provides daily Solar Activity Reports that are a detailed survey of active regions.
-Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO) H-Alpha disk and limb composite images and Mark III K-Coronameter data from Mauna Loa Solar Observatory, Hawaii.

Solar Data:
-NOAA GOES Solar X-ray Imager SXI has 4 types of images for this web application.  The most recent image of each type is shown on the page. Static filenames for current GOES Solar X-ray Imager (SXI) images.
-LASCO/EIT REAL TIME MOVIES  Movies (MPEGs and Animated GIFs) of  EIT 195A, 304A, 171A, 284A and C1 Fe XIV, C2, and C3.
-SOHO Exploring The Sun The Solar Heliospheric Observatory Web page contains recent solar images from the SOHO telescopes. Real-time space weather images: The very latest SOHO images and Current Space Weather.
-Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC)  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Current full disk magnetograms and Helium 10830 images from Kitt Peak, the current x-ray image from GOES 12 satellite, Ca II K spectroheliograms from NSO-Sac Peak, and HAO Mk.III coronagraph images.
-Current Solar Images at Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC) NASA The most recent, full-resolution solar image of each type in the SDAC archive.
-Ionospheric Prediction Service (IPS) the Australian Space Weather Agency IPS provides support for a wide range of systems and technologies affected by space weather including; HF radio systems, geophysical exploration, and satellite and spacecraft operations.

Solar Image Archives:
-NOAA National Geophysical Data Center Archived GOES Solar X-Ray Imager data.
-National Solar Observatory Kitt Peak  Archived magnetograms and helium 10830 data.

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